• The Role of Effective Communication Skills in Your Professional Life

    The Role of Effective Communication Skills in Your Professional Life

    Think "Communication Skills" and all our thoughts focus towards speaking and language skills, academically related and mostly used in our personal lives. More than often, we ignore its value and importance in our profession and at our workplace. We all have to communicate with our peers, subordinates, seniors, internal and external customers, which makes effective communication skills a must-have.Komunikasi Itu Mudah

    The following are the essential skills one should master to become a skilled communicator and use it to climb up the ladder of personal and professional success:

    Listening skills: This skill ranks topmost in the list as the ability to listen, understand and reciprocate to other's views, considered to be quite an essential one in the corporate world. Listening shows that the other person's opinion is necessary and you are willing to believe them while being open to new concepts and ideas. While speaking, an active listener will always pause for the audience's response, repeat it and also ask questions that confirm their involvement in the ongoing conversation.

    Verbal Skills: This is a skill that helps us to navigate our way through daily meetings, one to one discussions and brainstorming sessions. Bright and articulate speakers are usually the most effective as they reflect their uncluttered thoughts and leave no ambiguity in the listeners' mind. Since attention spans are becoming shorter, it is always a good idea to put one's thoughts in a clear and concise manner, focusing on the most vital segments of the conversation. While undergoing training on communication skills, a lot of emphases is given to the development of verbal skills that engage others and help to reach a mutual consensus.

    Written Skills: Modern businesses are heavily dependent on email communication, presentations, and social media. Writing clear and accurate emails is undoubtedly a great skill all employees should possess, irrespective of the business function one is associated with. You should be able to focus on the essential points without rambling and using unnecessary words or repeating them. It is also necessary to use an appropriate tone without getting too casual as this could ruin a perfectly good business association with a potential customer. Komunikasi Itu Mudah

    Excellent written skills include proper follow-ups and closing of the communication loop, the latter being considered a valuable asset in the world of cluttered electronic mail. This skill takes up a large portion of any communication training module.

    Interpersonal Communication skills: Success at building a robust interpersonal relationship through effective communication is a precious asset for any individual aspiring to make it to the top. Interpersonal skills help one to communicate not only at the business level but at a personal level too, thus taking the relationship a notch higher. It is useful in building bonds and helps employees to find common ground.

    Presentation skills: The day of a busy corporate executive is filled with meetings, video conferences and of course, presentations. It could be a presentation of ideas, information or product details, either to an internal team or to a potential customer. A good presenter uses anecdotes, stories, and references to make a presentation impactful and moving. The entire focus is on getting the desired outcome by positively influencing the audience and is a part of practical communication skills. Eye contact with the audience, a relaxed attitude and a dash of humor are all essential ingredients of a memorable presentation.

    Remember Komunikasi Itu Mudah, no great communicator in the corporate world is born with these skills. Learning these skills by attending training in communication skills and practicing them in real life scenarios is the key to mastering them. These skills serve as perfect stepping stones for achieving corporate success at the highest level, and Maguire Training has been instrumental in transforming lives through their innovative training modules.

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