• Transportation option from Brisbane airport to surfer’s paradise

    Brisbane is a great city to work, live, and visit during the holiday. It is a city that accommodates a lot of people from different part of the country. Due to the great city, it is many people travel from the city to other parts of the state through a plane. Moving from the city to another state may require more stress because of the challenges that they may come across, like; traffic, roadworks, and rush hour. Is bad enough if traveling alone but if with children, or friends it will be more stressful and unmanageable.
    Brisbane airport is an international airport that serves Brisbane and southeast Queensland. It is the third occupied airport in Australia. Brisbane airport transport travelers from Brisbane to many locations comfortably and stress-free by a different type of transportation option from Brisbane airport.
    Transportation option from Brisbane to Surfers Paradise
    Like other state and location, there are transportation options from Brisbane airport to surfers’ paradise that makes the travelers and visitors move comfortably without any road challenges like rush hour, road traffic, and many more. The transportation options from Brisbane to surfers’ paradise are:
    •    Taxis at Brisbane Airport
    A taxi situates on the first terminal road at the Domestic Terminal and the Arrivals Level 2 at the International Terminal.
    Fares vary due to time, distance and traffic conditions, on the other hand, you can anticipate that charge to Brisbane’s CBD from Brisbane Airport will be approximately A$33.00 plus a $3.00 fee suitable to departing taxis only. Very few people would get a taxi all the way from Brisbane to Surfers Paradise because it would be quite expensive.  
    •    Bus at Brisbane Airport
    Bus is also a part of transportation option from Brisbane Airport’s to surfer paradise.  Brisbane Airport offer direct transfers to surfers’ paradise, departing every 30 minutes.  
    •    Trains at Brisbane Airport
    Airtrain services between Brisbane airport and Surfers Paradise (Domestic Terminal) AirTrain is a transportation option from Brisbane airport to Surfers Paradise. Brisbane has ten train lines and 139 stations in Brisbane train network. The service is between 06:00 and 20:00 all day. A one single adult ticket cost $15 to Brisbane. You must then get a second train from Brisbane to Gold Coast, which has a separate fair. That train will take you to a station on the Gold Coast and you’ll have a bus trip to Surfers Paradise. You can arrange to have the whole trip purchased on a single ticket and all connections will run reasonably smoothly.
    To use all this transport option, you will need to buy a Translink Go Card. You can buy the card for 10$, deposit at the air train ticket either at Brisbane airport or from train state in the city.
    •    Private Transfer to Surfers Paradise
    By far the best and most direct way of getting from Brisbane airport to Surfers Paradise is a private transfer. Companies like Black Label Transfers pick up from the airport and drive you directly to your destination in Surfers Paradise. The journey will take about 1 hour. You’ll have comfortable seats, mints, cool water, somewhere to charge you phone…and no diversions. They’re only there to service your interest on your trip.

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